Personal Training Client Testimonials

Within six months of starting training with Jennifer, I lost 30 lbs. (235 lbs. to 205 lbs.). I have maintained my initial weight loss, and added back 5 lbs. of lean body mass, reducing my overall body fat by 11.2% (29.7% to 18.5%). I have also noticed overall increases in my energy level, balance, agility and endurance, all of which have had a very positive impact on my golf and tennis games. Training with Jennifer has changed my life. I've gotten results and achieved levels of performance that I would never have accomplished on my own. I come away from every session feeling energized, and over time I'm amazed at what she has helped me accomplish." - Mike Temple

As a healthcare professional, I am a very discerning client. I was reluctant to think a "trainer" could help with my chronic hip pain, but Jennifer has worked miracles. The best way to describe her approach, is that it is INDIVIDUAL. Jennifer has an amazing capacity for directing me to exercises that relieve my pain and keep me running. I sometimes describe the way I feel after a workout is that I feel like I've had a wonderful massage, but I did it in a workout! - Andrea Zulak

Jennifer trains in such a way that as I have lost inches & weight, I've also become more defined. I have had more improvements working with Jennifer than I have ever had in any of my previous experiences working with other trainers over the years. I cannot say enough positive things about working with her- I am living proof of what working with Jennifer can do for you! - Carrie VanDijk

While training with Jennifer once a week, following her suggestions (most of the time) for exercise outside the gym and changing my eating habits under her supervision, I have already lost 12lbs in 4 weeks, over half of my goal! Working with Jennifer has been an empowering experience, helping me to realize that I have control and can affect change in my body. I was intimidated to start working with a trainer but Jennifer immediately put me at ease. She is supportive, honest, relaxed, understanding, motivating and fun. She will push you further than you thought possible and help you achieve any goal you set for yourself. - Courtney Morich

I had been with regular types of training programs and it was not until I trained with Jennifer that I eventually transformed my body. I loss weight, but most of all toned up! In a three month program getting ready for my big Wedding day, I was able to lose the weight I wanted. I felt great on my Wedding Day and being in my early 40's, it was quite the accomplishment for me. - Carrie Benson

Since training with Jennifer, I've lost 20 LBS, decreased body fat 8% and changed my life in ways I never imagined. Working with Jennifer helped me transform my attitude towards my body and its relationship to my lifestyle. Jennifer's passion, knowledge, experience, and commitment to my health, inspire me to reach my goals. - Jesse Cathey

Before I met Jennifer I had no idea what my hamstrings did or how sore they could get after an hour's workout. - Manuel Baquero


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