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Portland Personal Training Costs

Personal Training at Tri-D Fitness

55 - 60 Minute Session:

6 sessions - $510
12 sessions - $960
24 sessions - $1800

30 Minute Session:

12 sessions- $540
24 sessions- $960

Buddy Workouts: (2-3 people)

Cost is split between the 2 - 3 people:
12 sessions - $1800
24 sessions - $2880

Semi-Private Sessions: (4+ people)

Cost is per person in the group:
10 sessions- $250
20 sessions- $400

Clients who workout with me have various needs. I strive to meet those needs at all levels. If you have financial constraints, the best thing you can do is to speak with me directly. Once I hear about your needs and goals I can best structure your fitness program for you!

Please email for more information or call the contact number listed at the bottom of this page. Prices listed are good through 12/31/2012.

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