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Professional Running Coach Client Testimonials

I'm slow, it's hard, but running is a part of my life now. It helps me fight weight gain, and gives me a chance to feel like an athlete in my own way. In April, I returned to my hometown of Medford, OR, and ran in the Pear Blossom run, a 10 miler. Anyone who knew me growing up would pick me as about the last person to run 10 miles. With Jennifer's help, I know I'll keep my weight under control and I'll run miles I never dreamed of completing. - Pete Young

Jennifer has held the blueprint to my recent accomplishments. Falling thirty feet out of a tree, resulted in a broken back nine years ago. In addition my knee was blown out while playing basketball within the last four years. Jennifer was recommended to me as the perfect match. Immediately she began designing some individualized progressive workouts. By following her guidelines I ran the Chicago Marathon during 90 degree heat and 85% humidity in 3:37 as others dropped out of the race along the way. I then went on to qualify for the Boston marathon at the Portland Marathon with a time of 3:09. Regimented training sessions have been the key to my success. Jennifer (the trainer's trainer) will again be motivating me to improve my time in the oldest organized marathon in the world (Boston - 2010). - Steve Chapman

With Jennifer's guidance and encouragement I have completed both the Eugene Half Marathon (May) and Mt. Hood Half Marathon (September). I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a trainer to help them reach their goals. Working with Jennifer has been an empowering experience, helping me to realize that I have control and can affect change in my body. I was intimidated to start working with a trainer but Jennifer immediately put me at ease. She is supportive, honest, relaxed, understanding, motivating and fun. She will push you further than you thought possible and help you achieve any goal you set for yourself. - Courtney Morich

I have been running for about 10 years and had participated in one half-marathon race. I finished it in 2:07. With Jenniferís help and support, I was able to run my next half marathon in 1:56 (without training for speed) and then I bettered that time for the second half marathon race, when Jennifer added speed training, finishing it in 1:50. I felt amazing! However, the best feeling was when I crossed the finish line of my first marathon at Portland this year! Jennifer is a great coach/trainer. Iím very competitive with myself and her training methods really helped me push myself to realize what my body was capable of achieving. - Christie Narkiewicz

Once the fat kid who couldn't run THE mile and smoked for 7 years, I am proud to tell you that I AM A RUNNER! So far this year I have completed 2 half marathons, yes 13.1 MILES. I have an unstoppable drive to continue this journey and do everything I can to enrich my ability as a runner. Jennifer's passion, knowledge, experience, and understanding of the challenges with making these changes inspire me to reach my goals! - Jesse Cathey

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